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The best team-building activity to build trust and improve communication among team members. By reflecting on one another’s best qualities and strengths, your team members will feel valued and appreciated in the workplace.



Foster a positive work atmosphere

Team members bond over a shared positive experience. A positive work environment leads to improved productivity and a greater sense of motivation in individuals.

Improve communication among team members

Bringing Totem into the workplace can help team members build trust and learn how to communicate more openly with one another.

Make employees feel appreciated

By reflecting on one another’s best qualities and strengths, team members can gain a sense of appreciation and get their skills noticed.


The FIRST virtual "Team Building" platform that combines training and interactive games to bring your teams together and enhance their strengths.



Team members get the chance to bond over a shared positive experience, which can build trust and improve communication. Individuals also gain a boost of confidence which can lead to a greater sense of motivation and enhanced workflow.

Yes. Regardless of age and job title, we all have one thing in common: we all like to hear others say nice things about us.

Bringing Totem into the workplace is a fun way to offset the formality within the traditional work environment and boost morale. By coming together to reflect on one another’s best qualities and strengths, team members feel valued and appreciated in the workplace. 

If everyone is new to each other, you could do a short activity where each person shares a project or a dream. Doing this will allow everyone to show their bright side by sharing something uplifting. If only a few people don’t know the other members of the group, begin by explaining that it’s totally ok to choose cards according to their first impression. You may have heard things like: “It took me only a few minutes to size up XYZ.” Sometimes, although it’s expressed with a negative tone, the same mechanism is true for positive aspects of the personality. Be comfortable using your intuition and first impression to choose the cards you will give to others.


"I used this as a team-building game with a group of adults. We're a small enough team that we can be a little vulnerable together. It's also a good way to offset the everyday business environment when so much attention is focused on fixing problems. For once, they get to say good things about one another and think seriously about what strengths everyone brings to the work we do."

- Lindley Karstens

"This is an excellent team-building game to conduct with teams whose members are familiar with one another or have worked together for a good period of time. It's very time-consuming, but well worth the time invested. Persons who participate are encouraged and may even become a little emotional because they didn't realize how much others see in them."

- Shirley

"I’ve played during staff meetings and huddles. It has been FUN, positive and uplifting. I can immediately see the energy shift and how everyone feels different. A morale booster and a must have! Don’t think about it. Just do it and see. I did have to change the rules a bit to make it go faster. I’m sharing with my family and friends and the rest of the Management team."

- LeticiaGonzalez

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