Team Building

A fun and enriching team activity that have an impact lasting on everyone.

The ideal tool to unite your teams!

The best team building activity to create trust and improve communication. Your team members will feel valued and appreciated by recognizing their strengths and qualities.

A game of Totem

players per playing group

players per playing group

pleasure guaranteed

pleasure guaranteed



Supporting videos throughout the game

Supporting videos throughout the game

What makes Totem Team Building unique?

Highly energizing

Each participant will have the opportunity to repeatedly hear the positive opinions that others have about them, which will strengthen their self-esteem.

Dare to be vulnerable

Vulnerability, in the sense of transparency, makes it possible to establish meaningful connections focused on honesty with those close to you. In delivering your explanations on the choice of your Totem in complete sincerity, each participant opens up to the possibility of strengthening
his relationship to the other.

Develop a healthy feedback habit

Discover the positive and impactful feedback method
(RPP®) the participant will be equipped to apply the method in different situations and do good to those around them.

Increases well-being

Experience a unique moment of authentic sharing where each participant will feel loved and appreciated for who they are.

Highly energizing
Dare to be vulnerable
Develop a healthy feedback habit
Increases well-being

A game of Totem

In 8 steps
Round the table

Each participant shares a dream, pride or achievement.

Assignment video

Listen to the video How to Assign Animal Cards and Quality for other players.

Assignment of cards

Selection of an “Animal” card and a “Quality” card which represent each of my colleagues.

Video choice of Totem

Listen to the video
How to choose your Totem among the cards received?

Choice of your Totem

Discovery of the cards received and creation of your totem..

Video revelation

Listen to the video
How to reveal and deliver a Totem?

Delivery of totems
  • Discovery of totems
  • Practice of the RPP
  • Explanation of choices
Final wordand closing
  • Closing remarks by the organizer
  • Exchange on experience
  • Download free personalized products

What you will need

Here are some essential elements for the successful running of a game

Internet connection

Mobile or desktop

Video camera (virtual only)


Animation service by Totem's professionnals

Benefit from a turnkey Totem activity

They played Totem Team Building

Sociable eagle

" It was an excellent team building activity. Although we have worked and known each other for a long time, we learned about ourselves and how our coleagues perceive us. Lots of fun! Thank you for the great session. "

Authentic chimpanzee

" What a great unifying activity! Thank you for giving us this time to recognize the qualities that we sometimes forget to see in our colleagues! "

Comforting goose

" I am very moved to see the knowledge of people in my subject despite my new arrival. I will continue to shinemy strengths which contribute to the well-being of my employees. "



Yes. The activity was designed to bring participants together! We offer round-the-table discussions and discussions that will allow everyone to discover each other’s personalities in a positive way. It will therefore be possible for participants to create a Totem according to their intuition. “A beautiful moment of connection. I have the Totem game but I was wondering about the possibility of using it with people who don't know each other. I am convinced. » “It was very interesting to see what others can perceive in us in a few minutes! »

Yes. Ultimately, the activity allows you to create and extend links to other members of the organization, thus breaking down communication silos.

No. The activity takes place in the main language spoken by the group. Pre-recorded videos of the animation are available to participants speaking the other language (EN or FR). Participants will be able to benefit from a bilingual platform for the interactive part of the activity. The language can be changed at any time during the game.

Totem Virtual

Virtual Team Building / 1 game credit



Whether you prefer to purchase individual games or sign up for an unlimited annual subscription, we have offers for all tastes.

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