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The most positive board game you'll ever try!

Much more than a simple card game

Discover the card game that has the power to bring people together. Foster and strengthen positive relationships by using a game that encourages players to speak from the heart. Tell the people around you that you appreciate them and create lasting memories.

A powerful and unique game that brings people closer

An experience you'll want to repeat


A game that's purely positive, building on individual and collective strengths. A great way to stay motivated.


By leveraging the strengths of each individual, the game provides emotional experiences that feel good and make us want to keep being ourselves.


An animal that represents a strength, plus a quality that you possess and that's it.A simplicity that propels you into joy and gratitude.


Telling others you appreciate them is not easy for everyone, Totem is the perfect excuse to learn to communicate positively and develop healthy relationships.

Our card games

Totem original

The game that unites families, friends and colleagues. 80 animal cards, 80 quality cards, 6,400 possible Totems.

Totem couple's edition

Take a moment to value your relationship and say what you love about your partner. As a couple or between pairs of friends, bring out the best in each other.

Who are these games for?

Whether it's just for fun or for professional use, don't miss your chance to create a strong and positive memory in someone's life. With a group of friends, colleagues or even with people you care for, the possibilties are endless.

The Totem effect

— France Sawchuck

"Tell your loved ones you love them while they're still here."

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Have fun creating meaningful connections between colleagues and foster a caring company culture.