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Customer Stories: France Sawchuck

It’s always incredibly inspiring to hear from our customers about their unique experiences with our game. From how they play our game with their loved ones, to how it has positively impacted their lives.

France Sawchuck reached out to us to share her personal experience with the game and how it has made a tremendous impact on her life. It was absolutely heartbreaking to hear her story, but we’re also deeply touched that Totem has given her the chance to express her love and appreciation to her son-in-law, Pierre JR Brousseau, and her daughter, Émilie Fortin, before they passed away.

This is her story:

This will always remain one of the most heartbreaking stories we could ever hear from one of our customers. We are also incredibly grateful to hear that our game provided her with the opportunity to share a precious moment with them – which has now become one of the most special and long-lasting memories they shared together.

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