Customer Stories: Sandy Vignola

Customer Stories: Sandy Vignola

Nov 28, 2019Editorial Team

Totem is a unique card game that combines the fun of traditional games with the sweet and rewarding feeling of exchanging kind words.

We love when our customers tell us their unique stories about how they play with Totem.

In an interview with Sandy Vignola, she shares her personal experience with Totem and how the game has been useful in her job as a career counselor. Sandy reveals that she has used the game with her students (a total of 330 students aged 12-13).

In this testimony, she gives us an extraordinary insight into how she uses Totem as an educational material to support the development of her young students and improve their self-esteem by making them aware of their strengths.

Totem Team: Do you usually play games with students?

No, it's not something that's common in my work as a career counselor.

Totem Team: What made you want to use Totem with your students?

I discovered Totem at work with my colleagues. We are used to creating a Totem on our birthdays, and I found this activity interesting, both for the person who makes it and for the one who receives it. I had done an activity with my students about the qualities they saw in others, but I thought the activity a bit boring... So, I thought about using Totem because it gave them the opportunity to do the same thing, but in a more dynamic and fun way.

Totem Team: How did you find Totem different from other games?

It's not about performing, everyone wins. We rarely have the opportunity to be told positive things: it feels good, for the heart and for the ego.

Totem Team: If you had to describe Totem in one word, which one would it be?


Totem Team: Would you recommend Totem to other schools, teachers, and counselors?

Without hesitation! It's really a great experience for students. They can work on their self-esteem.

Totem Team: How could Totem be beneficial for children and teenagers at school?

Adolescence is not easy for everyone. The image that some students have of themselves is sometimes more negative and it becomes difficult for them to see what is positive about themselves, what their strengths and qualities are. Totem can make it possible to see these aspects, to become aware of them and to see how others perceive us.

Totem Team: Do you think Totem could help reduce bullying in schools?

Certainly! I think it could be possible to set up Totem-based workshops to focus more on each other's strengths and avoid marginalizing those who are perceived as different. 

Students' Comments

Sandy also wished to share some of her students' comments following the activity: 

I learned about the many qualities that I did not know I had.

The qualities mentioned are nice and comforting. I would like to say thank you, it's heart-warming.

It's surprising how others have a good opinion of me.

I didn’t know that I brightened up people's days.

People see me in a beautiful way and I am delighted!

When other people say good things about you, you feel good and loved.

She concludes by saying that this experience was a fun way for them to learn more about themselves and feel good, and that Totem is beneficial for self-esteem, which is very important at that age. 


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