Totem Game - English


Create happiness with friends

CONNECT ON A DEEPER LEVEL | Social media can leave your kids feeling like they're falling short. Use these therapy games for teens and adults as a fun and safe way to express your love for one another. Social skills games for kids help build self-esteem and confidence so you can feel secure and appreciated

Imagine your friends telling you, in turn, what they appreciate most about you. This is what this tool does as you experience the construction of a personal Totem reflecting the best of your personality.

The Totem is built using an ANIMAL card, associated with one of your strengths, and a QUALITY card, which describes a quality you have. Both cards are chosen and then explained by the other players.

You will surely experience a unique and energising moment. You will then understand why everyone agrees to say that : “ Totem is THE feel good game! ”

This box contains: 80 animal cards - 80 quality cards - 2 rules cards