Virtual Team Building activity raw testimonials

Superb activity.
The content is great, the application is very well designed and easy to use and understand. I would have liked a wider range of cards to give to my team. :) Thanks!
A wonderful experience.
Very social, considering social distancing!
A really great experience!
It’s inspiring to see and feel someone else’s perspective.
A lovely experience despite not knowing everyone, introducing ourselves round the table really helped. Thank you.
Extraordinary, marvellous.
A wonderful experience that allowed you to stop and recognise your personal strengths. A great team building activity.
A super cool activity! I recommend offering it to children, I could see this activity working well in classrooms at schools!
Helps you get to know the people you know the least. Happy to take part with my colleagues.
Very interesting.
We had a really great time, I’m definitely going to purchase the game for playing as a family. This kind of positivity is so welcome.
I was touched by the feedback I received, I also found being the one giving feedback very moving!
A great team building game!
Very positive. A wonderful experience as a team. Really enjoyable.
A pleasure!
Highly enjoyable and rewarding.
Great for boosting morale throughout this period of working remotely! Excellent.
Highly enjoyable! A wave of positivity works wonders in this period of negativity/ COVID etc. THANK YOU!
It was really very enjoyable, a very pleasant game with a positive impact. I have a wonderful team.
Great… Nothing but positivity and good times shared…
I loved it and it was great to get some positive feedback!
It was very enjoyable! Makes you feel good. And my Totem was the one my colleagues chose for me!
A wonderful experience, it was humbling to receive feedback and I was happy to give feedback to others.
Fun, informative, a good group activity.
Hi, the activity was really fun!
I had a really great time finding out more about people I didn’t know very well.
A wonderful experience, although the range of cards I had to choose from for my colleagues was a bit limited.
I enjoyed hearing people’s first impressions of me and it was heartwarming to hear kind words from the colleagues who know me well.
It was excellent, a rare opportunity to put yourself in the other person’s shoes when giving feedback. It’s very profound.
A really lovely experience.
Interesting - even if this type of thing is not usually my cup of tea!
The activity is very well designed. Receiving feedback can be uncomfortable but it’s very motivational!
The experience can be a little bit awkward, but hearing these things from my colleagues does feel good. I wasn’t surprised by the cards they chose for me so I’m pleased to see that I show my true colours.
I had a lovely time with my team, I was able to express my positive feelings towards them and I really hope that will have as positive an impact on them as it did for me.
I really enjoyed getting positive feedback from my colleagues.
Thank you, truly a ‘feel good’ exercise. Dynamic and effective. :)
I loved it, I rushed out to buy my own copy of the game after the session for playing with my family, thank you.
Truly a wonderful experience! Thanks to the team!
It’s truly very enjoyable. The Totem can be challenging. I recommend this activity to everyone.
This was a very enjoyable event.
Really good with flattering feedback from colleagues.
Very interesting and I got more enjoyment from giving feedback than receiving it.
Very good, highly appreciated.
Very enjoyable!
Super energising!!! Discover your true self…
Inspiring and so much fun!
Very enjoyable.
Emotional - Positive - Motivating - I’d recommend it.
Super, thanks.
A wonderful activity. I enjoyed assigning qualities to my colleagues. Receiving them was challenging (luckily there is the rule of just saying thank you ;-))
Rewarding and energising.
Thanks for a great time!!
Great game, thank you.
Enjoyable and moving.
A really wonderful experience. Very interesting exercise.
What a wonderful activity! I realised how difficult it is to be on the receiving end. Thank you so much Jade. :) Look forward to continuing our discussions.
It really does make you feel good!! Time stood still… Finally. :)
A wonderfully positive activity!
I really enjoyed the activity. Some positivity makes you feel good.
I enjoyed hearing other people’s perceptions of me. It’s challenging but appreciated!!
A great experience! Works wonders!
I really enjoyed the game! Thank you very much for this wonderful experience.
Very enjoyable.
A wonderful experience, it was great to focus on the positive - especially at a time like this…
Excellent, very positive for me.
Interesting, moving.
It was very moving and rewarding!
So great! Thanks!
A wonderful activity! Thanks!
This really made me want a copy of the game.
Emotional and challenging....
I really liked it.
Makes you feel good, we are always too harsh on ourselves, hearing what others like about us is good fun.
A great game, thank you very much. :)
A super positive and refreshing feedback exercise!
It was very positive and an excellent opportunity to share your thoughts with others!
A very inspiring and wonderful activity, thank you very much!
Enjoyable, it helped us get to know each other better. Thanks!
Very enjoyable, plenty of benefits to doing it as a small group, thank you.
Really interesting.
Wow, a truly wonderful human experience! Lots of positivity and good vibes.
Great, besides a few technical problems.
I’d played the game before, but not with my colleagues, it’s good to see that my colleagues agreed on my qualities as much as my friends did!
Wow… Wonderful self reflection!!