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Give patients a boost in confidence while breaking down barriers in communication. Customize the game by making your own rules that cater to their individual needs. 



Build a therapeutic alliance

Effectively opens up a line of communication that enables patients to feel at ease when it comes to addressing and confronting their problems during therapy sessions. 

Grow and improve communication

Totem is the perfect tool for strengthening relationships. It gives groups and families opportunities to support one another.

Easy to customize and adapt

With 80 animal cards that display a positive sentence and 80 quality cards, Totem is raw material that therapists and counselors adapt in various ways. 


"I’m a clinical social worker in private practice working mostly with children, teens, and young adults. This game is wonderful for building a therapeutic alliance with kids, reinforcing psychological concepts and coping strategies, exploring issues, and building self esteem."

- Robin Adair

assists them in identifying personal and family strengths that can be used to help the family system thrive! I'm a therapist and I use this game with individuals and families. It helps open the lines of communication among family members and

- CounselingDisciple

"I work in an inpatient drug and alcohol facility with female clients. This game fits in nicely with our processes groups, and ran like a strengths-based johari window. Seeing the facial expressions and positive impact of members offering feedback to one another through this game was amazing to witness."

- Tayler


Totem effectively opens up a line of communication to help patients feel more at ease by encouraging open and honest dialogue about their problems and helping them explore effective coping strategies. This game is incredibly versatile and can be used in individual, group, or family therapy sessions. 

Individuals benefit from having the opportunity to open up about their weaknesses and problems while exploring effective coping strategies. Reflecting on a patient’s best qualities and strengths can work wonders toward giving them a boost of confidence. 

Totem is most suitable for players ages 8 and over. However, you can adapt its rules or create new activities using the cards so kids under 8 can play it too.

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