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Get the kids to ditch the tech for a night of good ol’ fashioned fun. Create precious moments that your kids will cherish for a lifetime! 



Create a positive vibe

Bring some light into everyone’s eyes with a shared positive experience

Bond with family and friends

Share a unique moment of powerful connection among family and friends.

Build self-esteem on everybody

Got something nice you always wanted to tell those you love? Say it with Totem!


"My friends and I love this game. It generates wonderful opportunities for bonding and understanding each other, and ourselves, better. Another great thing about this game is that all the players are equally engaged in every turn, which makes it really fun."

- Carrie Christiansen

"It's so easy to become detached and indifferent today, particularly in this fast-paced world where human interaction often involves a "device." This is a non-intrusive, fun way to create positive energy."

- Anne McCarty

"Took this on a camping trip with family. It was eye opening for everyone to see how they were viewed by others and even made a few people tear up from the kind words they were told. For the rest of the week, we referred to each other by our “Totem” names."

- Amazon Customer


Totem is best suited for players ages 8 and over, and it’s appealing to both kids and adults. With more than 160 different cards featuring an extensive variety of adjectives, you can also use Totem as a powerful resource to enhance your child’s vocabulary. 

By encouraging players to reflect on one another’s best strengths and qualities, Totem is a game that creates a unique bonding experience to strengthen connections among family members. It also effectively boosts self-esteem and confidence in players of all ages.

Totem is one of the very few card games where every player walks away with a smile or emotional tears on their face. It’s also a fantastic way to get everyone into the habit of ditching the technology in favor of spending quality time with one another.

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