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The ultimate feel-good game to bring into the classroom! Give your students a boost in confidence while teaching them the value of exchanging kind words with one another.



Foster a positive classroom environment

Bring Totem into the classroom to help foster a positive and inclusive environment. The best part is that every player gets the same amount of time in the spotlight!  

Build confidence in kids and teens

Having your classmates tell you what they admire about you the most can work wonders toward building self-esteem and improving confidence in kids and teens. 

Show students the value of being kind to others

Totem opens students’ eyes to the remarkable impact our words can have on others, while teaching them the value of being kind.


"Used it as a lesson for my 8th grade FCS class. Did a modified version and didn't keep track of points. The students loved it, and I found it very beneficial. Helpful tool on so many levels. Sincerely recommend."

- Bobbi Ann Kufro

"It isn't often that people create intentional time to praise one another sincerely, and this game made it possible to do that in a way that wasn't overly cheesy or forced. The animal drawings are beautiful, and the kids had a lot of fun playing."

- Lindsey T

"I brought this game into my classroom for my freshmen to play and it created a total mood shift! Kids loved it and they didn’t even realize they were spreading positivity. Excellent and wholesome game!"

- Charise Moore


Use Totem to foster a positive and inclusive environment in the classroom. By reflecting on one another’s best qualities and strengths together, students benefit from a boost in their self-esteem and confidence.

Yes! This is a fun activity to play in the classroom with kids or teens. Totem is suitable for players ages 8 and over. However, you can use the Totem cards in different activities to play it with kids of all ages and groups of different sizes.

Bring Totem into the classroom to create opportunities for students to connect with one another and address feelings of isolation. Through a shared positive experience, students can feel a stronger sense of belonging among their peers. 

The game helps create a bond between students, breaks down emotional barriers and highlights the power of being kind to one another while recognizing the best of each individual.  

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