Couples Edition - English


Enjoy a unique moment with your partner 

Totem Couple Edition game allows you to enjoy an authentic moment as a couple or to create an inspiring group experience!

As a couple, relive life's little moments to see your partner with heartfelt eyes!

As a group, be inspired by what unites the couples around the table and discover what others appreciate about your relationship!

Cultivate gratitude within your couple and get ready to receive a wave of love that everyone will remember for a long time. You will undoubtedly experience a unique and energizing moment. 

A great way to strengthen bonds and see your partner with the eyes of the heart.

Features :

  • Encourages and strengthens bonds and relationships using play that encourages people to communicate their appreciation for others.
  • Improves self-esteem.
  • Builds team cohesion: Managers and coaches can use it to build cohesion and trust between team members and co-workers.
  • Hit and gather: By creating strong and positive memories in someone's life by creating a totem, playing to pay tribute to someone or simply having a good time with family or friends.
  • A simple game, consisting of a Context, Animal, Quality and Emotion card, chosen and explained by the other players.
  • Includes 30 Context cards, 50 Animal cards, 50 Quality cards, 30 Emotion cards, for a multitude of totem possibilities to represent a different aspect of your personality.
  • From 1 to 4 couples.


  • 30 Contexte cards
  • 50 Animal cards
  • 50 Quality cards
  • 30 Emotion cards
  • Instructions


Length: 2.50" x Width: 2.75" x Height: 3.50"
Length: 6.40 cm x Width: 7 cm x Height: 8.90 cm

Weight: 300g