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Why is teamwork important in the workplace

Oct 27, 2021Editorial Team

People often say something like “teamwork makes the dream work,” when referring to a group of employees. As cheesy as it might sound, whoever made this saying does have a point. Efficient teams will always work better than a single individual, and will usually offer faster results. Of course, the important thing to note here is that the teams themselves need to be working effectively.

If a group is constantly going at each other’s throats or can’t gel well, even the simplest tasks can feel burdensome. Moreover, if you’re still wondering why is team work important to the longevity of your company, here are a few reasons.

Good teamwork improves working relationships

When individuals in a team start working together, they are more likely to create professional bonds. They can especially create these bonds with other employees when both of them work together. As they continue to work as a team they will eventually deepen their friendships. These friendships can now allow them to function better as a team.

In fact, as an organization, you should actively promote better professional relationships as well as friendships among team members. These individuals will communicate better with their friends, and will likely support them when a team member starts to struggle. 

Better working relationships also improve the team’s trust in each other, allowing the leader to distribute responsibilities more effectively. Team members will also be willing to work more efficiently, given that their friends will be depending on them.

A healthy learning environment

There are a lot of different answers to the question, “Why is teamwork important?” But one answer that has always shown the most consistent results is that it makes for a good learning environment. All employees will have a set of skills and flaws. Some might be good at, for example, coding software, but struggle with social skills and communicating ideas. But if they are in a team with someone who can help them develop social skills and collect their ideas, they can visibly improve. 

They might run into another employee who has the same problem as them, or they might work with a subject matter expert. Either way, this healthy learning environment can prove to be very helpful in the long run.

As the team continues to learn from each other, they will deepen their friendship and understand each other better. And a more intimate understanding of the team and its dynamics always allows them to perform better in the long run.

Multiple perspectives at once

Another great thing that comes with working as a team is the perspectives that each member brings to the table. When trying to solve a problem, more team members will offer ideas and solutions to specific problems.

Good teams will always brainstorm collectively and try to find solutions to their problems from there. These brainstorming sessions can also inspire people to think of more creative solutions to the problems that they face. The saying “two heads are better than one,” best exemplifies how people work better when they are working with others.

Differing perspectives also mean that people will be able to provide better and more diverse feedback. Collecting information from their experiences in the field and in life allows them to come to different conclusions.

Consider an individual who only has three years of experience in the field but is in touch with the intended audience. Their perspective will be vastly different compared to someone who has 15 years of experience but is out of touch. Through effective teamwork, both the older and younger individuals can bring their areas of expertise together. And by combining both their areas of expertise, offer a completely new perspective.

Provides a greater sense of accomplishment

Team members always tend to feel a greater sense of accomplishment when working together. The team has the same set of goals, and everyone contributes to those goals in their own way. And with everyone contributing their fair share, it creates a bond and synergy that can be very effective in accomplishing goals.

Not only does a good team create an environment for healthy competition, but it allows everyone to reach their fullest potential. Achieving something at their fullest potential will give each member a greater sense of accomplishment.

A good team also puts a dedicated amount of responsibility on each of its members. Since everyone handles their fair share of work, being unable to fulfill that role could jeopardize the project. So by fulfilling their responsibilities, employees will be able to make a good impression on other members and their superiors. This act of living up to expectations can also be a powerful motivator and offers employees a sense of accomplishment.

Makes the work force more productive

If anyone ever asks, “Why is teamwork important in the workplace?” productivity is the most common answer. When working together, employees will start to make new strategies to work together and become more productive. They might even start to work on each other’s weaknesses and strengths, elevating the effectiveness of the entire team.

Furthermore, working with a team helps break down a project into different pieces of a puzzle. This more digestible view of the project will allow them to tackle various issues in different ways.

Team members can monitor themselves

Individuals that work on an assignment can be productive and efficient for a certain time. But what if they fail to meet their previous standards and start to become lazy or complacent? Who will hold these individuals accountable?

On the other hand, individuals working in a team will always have to account for their work. The team needs all working parts to act as one, or else it will start to fall apart. And if they fail to pull their weight others will have to overcompensate, and that is not a favorable position for anyone.

Therefore, the team leader will usually take charge and monitor each of the members to ensure they are completing their tasks.

Final thoughts

Team work is always an effective way to bring about the best in every member. When people are part of a team, they are willing to be more responsible and will always be looking for the best way to improve. But these reasons only scratch the surface as to why is team work important for a company. So regardless of what you might think, it can be very effective to improve teamwork in a workplace.

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