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What Are the 7 Transferable Skills?

Jul 06, 2022Editorial Team

You'll always find some specific keywords in every job post that you look at, such as teamwork, critical thinking, etc. Nearly all companies require these skills in an applicant’s portfolio, as it allows them to fulfill will help you perform your duties and fulfill your responsibilities.

Such skills are transferable skills that help you in every position or profession. Whether you stay in the same field or move around, there are a few skills that you might develop over time. These skills make you a top pick for the position in various industries.

So, what are the 7 transferable skills that you need to have? How can you tell if a skill is transferable? And how do you list transferable skills on a CV? Let’s answer these questions by listing down some of the most crucial skills you need. So, without further ado, let's get right into it.

What Are the 7 Transferable Skills That You Need to Have?

While you can develop various transferrable skills, you need to have seven to excel in your job. After reading the breakdown of these seven transferable skills, you can consider your skill set.

1. Technical Skills

Companies will tend to use various tools and software, often ones that are unique to their firm. Therefore, they want to hire someone with a good knowledge of tools and software. The tools or software that you need to learn might vary from industry to industry, but it is something that you need to develop over time.

While you don't necessarily need to become proficient in various tools, you can learn how to use basic ones, such as MS office. Besides that, you should better understand the technical and technology skills in your chosen field.

2. Problem-Solving Skills

Another vital transferable skill in job posts is problem-solving or critical thinking. This skill allows an individual to think logically to come up with the best possible solution. It allows you to stay calm and figure out a desirable solution in a challenging situation.

Critical thinking does not only mean that you find a solution, but it goes beyond that. After finding the desired solution, you need to guide your team and have a proper plan with steps for your course of action.

3. Teamwork Skills

Some complex tasks require you to work with other people in a team. The teamwork skills allow individual to coordinate with their team and work on a specific task. Working in a team means that you should be respectful of everyone's opinion.

Teamwork skills are vital if you want to get to high leadership roles. They help you understand the team's dynamics and ensure they deliver their work on time. Therefore, if you aim to become a leader, then having teamwork skills is essential.

4. Time Management Skills

Time management skills are an essential part of the modern era. You must utilize your time efficiently to complete your tasks on time. You need to stay organized to improve your time management skills.

You should have a proper plan with a deadline to ensure you do your task on time. You won't manage your time efficiently if you have things all over the place.

5. Communication Skills

To succeed in your career, you need to develop communication skills. They are a vital component of every job requirement in today's digital world. Communication skills entail the following:

  • Listening skills
  • Technological communication skills
  • Verbal communication
  • Writing skills

Having good communication skills will help you become a better team player, and will ultimately help you become a good leader.

6. Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are complex skills that not every person can develop. It entails the idea of inspiring people so they listen and follow you. The best way to develop leadership skills is to become a master in critical thinking, teamwork, and communication.

Remember that leaders are not born but self-made because of their impeccable skills and abilities. So, to become a good leader, you need to focus on your communication, critical thinking, and teamwork skills.

7. Creativity Skills

Last but not least, creativity skills are the most impeccable transferable skills that help individuals progress quickly. However, creativity skills can only develop when you combine all the other six transferable skills.

The key point is that creativity does not mean coming up with ideas. Creativity is about having a robust strategy to help you bring your ideas to life. So, to develop creativity, you need to focus on other transferable skills first.

How Can You Tell If a Skill Is Transferable?

While you might have exceptional skills in your current position, how can you tell if a skill is transferable or not? The best way to identify if your skill is transferable is by looking through job posts. If your skill set matches the job requirements, you might have a transferable skill.

Another way to identify a transferable skill is through self-analysis. First, you should list down all your strengths and skills. Then, you need to check which skills you can take if you change your job. You can also take a self-assessment to better understand transferable skills.

How Do You List Transferable Skills on a CV?

You don't want to list your transferable skills anywhere on your resume since it won't look professional. So, how do you list transferable skills on a CV? The transferable skills should be below the summary section in bullet points.

Each job will require a different set of transferable skills. Therefore, you need to customize your cover letter to catch the attention of your potential employer. A customized cover letter will not only highlight your transferable skills, but it will also show why you are the perfect fit for the job.


Transferable skills play a vital role in helping you progress in your career. The seven skills mentioned in this article are standard requirements for many employers in different industries. So, you should start working on it and develop them to stand out when applying for higher positions.

One thing to keep in mind is that you won't develop transferable skills overnight. Some skills might take years to develop since they can only come with time and experience. Therefore, you should not rush yourself to develop transferable skills instantly. Instead, you should take your time to develop them over a certain period.

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