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How Can Online Collaboration Lead To Productive Teamwork?

Nov 30, 2022Editorial Team

Many businesses that have shifted to the remote work model after the pandemic are constantly advocating to implement systems for more efficient teamwork online. Making sure that each team member collaborates coherently in a remote work environment is critical to the success of the company. However, at the same time, it is challenging task to achieve. The massive increase of people working from home brings many challenges for teams looking to work together.

Issues of Remote Working

While folks work from home or remotely from other locations, there are fewer face-to-face opportunities to collaborate. Businesses, therefore, need to implement ways that increase the number of possibilities between the workers and ensure that employees are still productive at home.

In this instance, online tools that allow the ability to message and communicate can be critical. Businesses need to be able to integrate online tools into the business interface so that remote workers can quickly communicate with each other.

Pillars of Collaboration

It is foundational for companies to operate in a collaborative work environment. In a remote setting, creating a collaborative work environment requires business leaders to focus on the pillars that contribute to collaboration.

These pillars include work, people, time, and technology. When you talk about the job, you must include topics such as automation, workflow management, etc. The work you are performing simplifies the coordination so that people can focus on their tasks while working together.

People within the enterprise must communicate with each other to make better decisions. They need to know each update in real-time to alter their workflow and make recommendations.

Some technologies available today allow companies to automate these processes, enabling better collaboration. Performing these collaborative interactions with each other will flow right into the pillars of teamwork. Companies need to promote transparency and trust, to foster a more trusting environment. Transparency is not just essential for people that are working in purpose-driven teams but also for those who are supervising and managing the teams.

Team leaders need to be have enhanced insight into the transactions that have transpired over time. Companies need to be conscious of work, and individuals have the best ability to manage their work and priorities. Priorities change alongside managerial directions. Therefore, you need a more flexible approach, like allowing employees to work remotely from home.

Flexible Approach System

Remote work flexibility requires business leaders to empower individuals to plan, manage, and execute their work according to their changing responsibilities. To perform this efficiently, businesses need to deploy an online work management system that proficiently allows collaboration, communication, and execution.  

You want to ensure that the system is dependable, transparent, secure, and does not compromise any existing infrastructure. The technology implemented for this purpose need to be an enabler, not a crutch.

Remote work and collaboration-enhancing tools have certainly improved over the years, but they are not necessarily new. Businesses have already experienced this type of transformation. Current events have forced companies to focus on methods and tools even more.

Importance of Online Meetings  

Productivity when working remotely can predicate how well a team collaborates. To increase collaboration among team members, they need to build trust amongst each other with these opportunities. Meetings and collaboration exercises, in this instance, have been crucial to have in place so that you can measure the productivity of your workforce and keep them engaged.

When working on-premise, you can take the simple act of approaching a coworker at their desk whenever you want for granted. When you start working remotely, this option is no longer available, and thus, you start to feel its importance. In this instance, increasing the number of virtual meetings is critical.  

When hosting remote meetings through virtual video conferencing tools, it is very critical for you to have engaging meetings with a video that is purposeful and not random. For instance, you can host meetings informing the workers about the importance and ways to enhance teamwork online.

An excellent online presence and the ability to chat can help keep employees included and engaged. So when navigating how online collaboration can lead to a more productive team, you need to consider factors such as accountability and inclusion.  

Overall, remote working opportunities are not only an unexpected change for workers but also impact your customer experience, which creates problems within the customer experience.

Benefits of Hosting Virtual Meetings for Teamwork Online

When you cannot do a face-to-face meeting, virtual meetings become the only source of building employee connection, which can be vital for productivity. An engaged employee that feels connected to the company and cares about its goals will be a more driven and dedicated.

Virtual meetings offer several benefits apart from increased productivity. One of the benefits includes convenience, paired with a degree of face-to-face interactions. Conferences allow you to see each other even from remote locations. They tend to focus on a plan, and will have much less time to waste. Therefore, your team can become more productive, as the time taken to travel to the office no longer exists.

Setting Virtual Meetings

Three things are essential for a successful virtual meet-up. The first thing you need to have is a tool for all workers to be inside a single virtual room. This involves tools such as zoom or Microsoft teams. It can also be any application as long as it makes use of audio and webcams. It also gives you the ability to share screens.  

Secondly, you must create a purpose or a plan that will revolve around the team meeting. This will provide workers anticipation and excitement to visit their team meeting. It will also require you to get a facilitator to manage the agenda and keep things moving. Creating space that allows you to contribute and connect will help you stay ahead of the game.

Facilitating Online Meetings and Events

Online facilitation is a great way to help teams stay connected. However, it requires a unique set of skills that will need team leaders to learn and develop. Some aspects of online training may be very new to your team. Therefore, you cannot expect each team member to know how online meetings and activities will work.

This is why facilitating online meetings will require you to assume that people do not know everything, and you will have to explain everything to them in complete detail. Whether it is coaching, meeting, or an online event, facilitators will need support.

Support ensures that you have all the necessary equipment and that your internet is running fast and smooth. During the event, you also need to be monitoring the chat rooms very closely to ensure that there are mistakes during the event.

Concluding Thoughts

To boost teamwork online, a streamlined and usable online management system and mandatory virtual meetings can be instrumental in offering better productivity. Productive cooperation and enhanced online collaboration are not easy to get, and take repetitive practices and learning for team leaders to get it right. Therefore, all companies must take clear initiatives when they are trying to deploy teamwork strategies within their companies. Remote team model has the power to make your team so much more productive than their current state.

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