Vanessa Sicotte

Customer Story: Vanessa Sicotte

Mar 16, 2020Editorial Team

We love it when our customers share their personal stories with Totem!

Today, we are delighted to introduce you to Vanessa Sicotte, mother of three and founder of Damask & Dentelle

Totem Team: Do you often play board games with your family, and if so, what type of games?

We really enjoy playing board games as a family. These are the times we can truly switch off and enjoy ourselves.

Totem Team: How was Totem different from other games?

I found Totem different in the fact that the game makes you observe each other in a very positive light. Instead of concentrating on your own strategy to win the game, Totem makes everyone consider what they appreciate about one another, coupled with a healthy dose of humor, of course!

Totem Team: If you had to describe Totem in one word, what would it be?


Totem Team: What effect has Totem had on your family?

It made us acknowledge the intrinsic qualities of our family members, putting them into words and saying them out loud. Players of all ages have learned to appreciate certain traits that they perhaps would have taken for granted otherwise.

Totem Team: Would you recommend Totem, and if yes, why?

I wholeheartedly recommend Totem which is as suitable for businesses as it is for families. It’s a very funny game, quick to play and above all it brings people together. Additionally, it does us some good to know when we’re appreciated, and that all of our efforts don’t go unnoticed. 

For her finishing touch, Vanessa makes a subtle nod to the game by signing her responses as: “the enthusiastic hen.”

Thank you very much, Vanessa!

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