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5 Tips on How to Deal with a Boss Who Puts You Down

Apr 04, 2022Editorial Team

You will always come across two types of people in your life, whether you’re working, studying, or simply enjoying your life: those who motivate you, help you build, and try to discourage you and pull you down. That’s the reality of life. Michelle Obama once said, “Choose people who lift you.” And there’s a reason why most people encourage you to join a group of friends, coworkers, and family that’s encouraging, supportive, and positive.

The ideal world where all bosses and managers are fantastic doesn’t exist, sadly. While there are bosses that lift their employees and motivate them through various means, there are those that are always criticizing and demeaning their employees. You may ask yourself, “what if my boss is acting insecure or just wants me to try hard so I can succeed?”

Well, we will get to that later in the article. But for now, let’s stick to some of the most helpful tips that can help you get around a demeaning, toxic, and demotivating boss. The best advice, in that case, requires you to weigh down your options, consider all possibilities, and tread carefully with the necessary tips.

5 Tips to Deal with a Boss That Wants to Pull You Down

You may be suspecting the reasons behind your boss’s attitude towards you. Is the attitude the same for everyone else, or is it especially projected on you? It is a million-dollar question that can help you learn how to move forward with your career at your existing enterprise.

Normally, you would keep your head down and listen to all the demeaning and unsatisfying stuff your boss throws at you. On the other hand, you can take charge of the situation and work towards a better career by finding a new job.

Those are not the only options if you’re already stressed about finding a new job. You can keep working where you are and with the same boss by just learning how to handle their tantrum and harsh tactics. So, here goes!

1. Find out the plot behind the boss’s motivation

Are you ready to fix your bad boss who’s always looking for an excuse to pressure you at the workplace and discourage you from working happily? In reality, let’s not jump to conclusions so instantly. Perhaps, you can start by learning the hidden motives behind your boss’s bad attitude.

Are they trying to discourage you and pressure you at the workplace to test your patience, resilience, and human behavior? It’s a powerful technique that has helped many high-level bosses, CEOs, and company owners recruit fresh managers and superior office personnel. On the other hand, you must also realize the true individual who’s at fault in the workplace before targeting your boss for their rude behavior.

Of course, it’s discouraging and unsatisfying to experience the harsh attitude of your boss. But what if you’re really at fault and deserve some of the scoldings you get? You may be making too many recurring mistakes, or perhaps, you’re too late to the office, and that’s why the boss takes the opportunity to instill punctuality in other workers through you.

You can also act compassionate and figure out whether something is bothering your boss out of work or even at work. It could be why they’re reacting the way they do. Also, explore other possibilities for their behavior. Are they too concerned about their workplace safety, quality, and performance? Is your boss being pressured by their superiors?

Once you find out that there’s nothing legit provoking your boss to react this way, you can get on with the other useful tips to get around them. Otherwise, you can simply ignore the case if it appears to be temporary and less impacting on your career.

2. Don’t assume they know everything

If your boss is promoting any hidden agenda at the workplace and trying to demean you wrongfully, they don’t have the right to do either of them. But, you shouldn’t assume that your boss has the right answers to all the questions. The managerial title doesn’t mean your boss knows everything and always picks on you because they know a lot about you.

It can be unsatisfying, discoursing, and highly demotivating for an individual to struggle with a rude boss. Nevertheless, you can’t ignore that gaining a superior title doesn’t bring all the information and knowledge in the world to your boss. Therefore, you can assume that they know only as much about different situations as you do. It will help take some pressure off you and help you think straighter when you know they don’t know anything.

3. Try to stay a step ahead

Do you know the type of work and tasks that your boss will enforce on you today? Get them done or prepared before you even get the order from your boss! Staying one step ahead will reduce the chances of getting discouraged, demeaned, or spoken to in a bad way.

Anticipate your boss’s order and get things done before there’s any room for error or harsh ordering. But, don’t let anyone know about this routine, especially the boss. If they’re intentionally targeting you, they may try to change your duties and tasks at the eleventh hour only to leave you further stressed.

4. Keep your work hassle-free

Don’t let anyone, including your harsh boss, interfere with your career or office work. Whether someone is speaking harshly to you, demeaning you, or shouting at you, try to keep your calm and think more positively to react comfortably and conveniently. As we keep hearing, “violence is the right way,” you should know that violence extends to words.

If you want to stay on great terms at your company and work towards furthering your career, you can’t let anyone distract you from your goal. Don’t take the opposite approach and work slower or incorrectly to escalate the situation.

Suppose someone is trying to pull the rug from under you. Learn how to stay standing! By working accurately and completing tasks as satisfactorily as possible, you leave no room for shouting. Your boss will have to keep coming up with other excuses to target you when your work is already fool-proof.

5. Be persistent and learn the triggers

Learn about the triggers and what normally sets a scene between you and your rude boss. Is it the delayed completion of certain daily tasks, a bundle of mistakes, or a simple dress code that sets them off? You can talk to your work friends that you can easily trust with your life.

Avoid gossiping about the boss and indulging in negative comments that could distract you from your objectives. Plus, that could raise even more alarms.

By learning some of the main things that trigger your boss, you can work your way around them. If some of your common mistakes are an excuse, you can work on them. If you’re unable to work on time, and that’s the main reason for the disturbance, you can practice efficiency.


The reality of today’s modern business world is that most newcomers have to get on with some of the busiest and hardest work at an organization compared to other employees. The boss and managers could be testing the recruits or simply wish to have the newcomer resign due to excessive work pressure. In any case, it’s not your fault for being a newcomer at an organization if your superiors act that way.

You always have the option to leave the existing corporation and find a job at a better organization with a more supportive boss. But, consider your options and the effectiveness of the tips above because finding a job in the rapidly progressing business world isn’t that easy. Plus, frictional unemployment tends to stress out and tire an individual.

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