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25 Free Team Personality Test People Can Take Online

Jul 14, 2021Editorial Team

A personality test comes with its own set of benefits for your organization and your team’s professional development. Not only will it help them to gain necessary insight into making the right decisions, but also know their strengths for future endeavors.

So, let us find out about what a personality test is, why you should take one, and some of the best personality tests out there.

What is a Personality Test?

A personality test is basically a tool you can use to access your team’s personalities, strengths as well as weaknesses. This test allows you to use techniques specially design to gauge the characteristic patterns and traits of your employees across various situations.

Apart from the clinical diagnosis, you can also help predict how people are going to respond in various circumstances or situations.

Why Should You Use a Personality Test

If you are a team leader or an employer, you should use a personality test to select and recruit for all types of job positions. However, this can be more beneficial when you are hiring for business-critical roles such as analysts, finance, and other senior management positions.

If you are a professional seeking to advance your career or secure a promotion, taking a personality test can help you achieve this goal. A personality test is useful because it helps show a person’s individual strengths that will enable them to determine where their talents will be more useful within the organization.

Gaining a greater knowledge about their personalities will allow your team members to discover their true potential and seek a matching career move. So let us look at some of the best personality tests you can take online.

25 Free Personality Tests You Can Take Online

In this section, you will get to explore 25 of the best personality tests you can use to gauge personal traits and strengths and that of your colleagues and team members.

1. A Walk in the Woods

Are you looking for a test that evaluates your interpersonal, relations, communication, and compatibility traits? Then A Walk in the Woods is the right personality test you can take online. The quiz comes with 8 prompts about an imaginary walk, and your answer reveals your traits and characteristics in the end.

2. Berkeley Emotional Intelligence Quiz

This one is another emotional awareness personality test you can take online. The participants will view 20 photographs and choose only 4 possible emotions. The test focuses on body language indicators to reveal the truth, and the final scores give you a person’s area of improvement.

3. Big 5 Personality Test

Big 5 is a survey-based personality test you can take online, and it requires you to rate the accuracy of a statement on a scale of strongly agree to strongly disagree. The percentile score, in the end, reveals your or participants’ personality type.

4. Compass Points

This is a personality test that requires you to use pen and paper to write down your answers. The compass point will give you a couple of words, and you will have to select either one. The majority of what you choose from will reveal your leadership and thinking style.

5. DiSC

This personality test is another most commonly used personality assessment tool used by professionals and headhunters. DiSC is an amazing tool for career tests to gauge people in an informal as well as corporate setup.

The test helps you break down a person’s personality into four characteristics which are

  • Conscientiousness
  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness

The quizzes in this test present certain social situations and ask the participant to respond by stating the statement to be accurate or not. Their answers will reveal their interpersonal style.

6. Emotional Intelligence Test

If you wish to check a person’s self and social management, awareness, and relationship skills, Emotional Intelligence is the right answer. The test contains 40 questions with two responses to answer from.

7. Enneagram

Enneagram tests nice personality traits, which are whether you are a

  • Reformer or a perfectionist
  • Giver or a helper
  • Performer or achiever
  • Romantic or individualist
  • Observer or investigator
  • Loyal or skeptic
  • Protector or challenger
  • Peacemaker or a mediator
  • Epicure or enthusiast

The test results will reveal the numerical number to reveal someone’s personality type.

8. Hexaco

Hexaco measures your six personality dimensions which are honesty, emotions, agreeability, extroversion, openness, and conscientiousness. This is a 100 questions quiz that comes with different prompts that you can answer.

9. Human Metrics

The Human Metric personality test is freely available online. The test uses Carl Jung’s as well as Briggs Myers personality testing theories using 64 questions. You must answer them in 10 minutes and the results, in the end, reveal your traits.

10. IBM Watson Personality Insights

You will have to register with IBM for an account, and you get the basic analysis for free. This test will use linguistics to identify your personality traits from your written excerpts.

11. John’s Personality Test

This one tweaks MBTI a bit, and apart from revealing the person, it also reveals what other possible personalities a person is likely to have. So instead of labeling a person with one possible personality, it gives them the benefit of doubt and recommends alternate possible traits as well.

12. MyPersonality Test

This is a quiz-based personality test with 100+ questions with answers on a five-point scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree. It tests your emotional balance, openness, agreeableness, and discipline, etc.

13. Myers Briggs

Myers Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI is also known as the “16 personality test.” This is one of the most used online and free personality testing tools to help you access the following traits in a person.

  • If a person is an introvert or extrovert
  • The intuitive and sensing abilities
  • Feeling and thinking process
  • Perception and judgment

You can use this test to determine which potential candidates will fit into your company’s culture.

14.  Philosophical Tensions

A personality test you can take online with 30 philosophical questions which you can either agree or disagree to. The result will point out any lapse in your competing and logical thinking process to point out a complex or hypocritical belief system.

15. Rorschach Inkblot Test

Want to take a famous personality evaluation? Then Rorschach Inkblot will not disappoint you. As a participant, you will respond to some inkblot images and associate those to different objects that you think resemble the image. The personality test online comes with 10 questions with multiple answers to pick from. Your choices reveal your personality in the end.

16. The Political Compass

Want to know if you or an employee believes in left or right ideology, a libertarian or authoritarian? In that case, the Political Compass will help you determine their political axis.

17.  Sociotype

Although similar to MBTI, Sociotype shares the ideology of Carl Jung using the theory of socionics to analyze and predict your relationships based on your psychic functions including farsightedness, dynamic, compliance, tactical approach, and much more.

As a participant, you will choose from the two opposing statements.  Results come in a three-letter acronym pointing to your personality profile.

18. Test Color

Test color is a short test with two questions only. First, ask the participant to select the colors they prefer, and then chose the colors they like the least. The result of the colors they choose will reveal if they are introverts or extroverts along with their organizational and personal potential within a corporate setup.

19. The IPIP-NEO

IPIP-NEO is test is a combination of longer 30 – 40 minute duration and shorter 10-20 minutes tests. The test reveals your openness, cooperation, agreeableness, extraversion, assertiveness, and orderliness traits.

20. The Eysenck Personality Inventor (EPI)

EPI is a quiz with 75 questions to gauge your introversion, extroversion, lie factor, and neuroticism. You will get the score in percentile with a brief description of each trait you have.

21. The High 5

This is a personality strength test that identifies your top 5 traits by answering 100 questions in a quiz. You see a statement and rate it on a scale of strongly agree to strongly disagree. The final result reveals your five dominant characteristics.

22. Truity

A free test 15 minutes personality test you can take online. You will answer 130 questions in 15 minutes and the final score will you the dominant characteristics of your personality.

23. VIA Character Strength Survey

This free online personality test breaks down a person’s characteristics into their signature, middle and lesser strengths. This gives you a sneak-peek into each employee’s areas of improvement and what they are good at.

24. What Is Your Emotional Type?

It is a quiz-based personality test with 18 questions that need answering in a range of “very true” to “not at all true.” The score will reveal how you react in certain situations.

25. Who Am I?

This picture quiz-based personality test asks participants to a photo tile they find interesting in each category. While some questions may allow multiple answers, others require one specific answer. However, Who Am I is a long test but delivers a solid verdict on a person’s characteristics 


While personality tests are not the final verdict on which a person is, they certainly give you a close idea of their personality, characteristics, and traits. So, if you are a professional or a team leader curious about your personal or colleague’s personalities, try any of these tests to get a better idea of their strengths and use the data to your advantage for future career success.


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