15 Free Games to Play on Facetime with Family, Friends & Coworkers

15 Free Games to Play on Facetime with Family, Friends & Coworkers

Sep 08, 2021Editorial Team

It was always tough being apart from your loved ones, but the lockdown and restrictions on travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic have made matters more difficult. Fortunately, you can connect with your family, grandparents, or your best friend thanks to Apple, making long-distance not as bad.

On top of that, you can now play games on Facetime with your loved ones. You can find a variety of games, too. From family fun to team building or having a laugh with your friends, it’s all there. So, if you are bored to death with being on your own or worried about the wellbeing of a friend suffering from loneliness, here are some free games to play on Facetime.

So let us fire up that iMac and discover 15 free games to play on Facetime with your friends, family and coworkers.

1. Boggle

If you consider yourself to be articulate, then Boggle might pique your interest. It is a simple word game that will require some level of focus, concentration, and ability to write, read and spell. So, if you or your friend has a classic Boggle game at home, simply set up the Boogle board so that your friend can see it on the screen and start playing.

2. Build a story

This is one of the fast-paced games that involve improvisation. You have to be quick and creative, but you will definitely end up having a lot of laughs. You can be of any age to play, and you do not need any materials to play this game on Facetime with Friends.

3. Charades

Charade enjoys a status as a classic amongst games and is one of the most beloved by all generations for its easy gameplay. You do not require any supplies, and the game is simplistic enough for people of any age to play. It will not only keep you entertained but also inspire you to think quickly and creatively.

You can easily play it on Facetime as you do not need to buy or order anything during your session. Additionally, there is no mess to clean up later.

4. Hangman

Do you remember playing Hangman when you were in school? Well, you can now play the same old Hangman with long-distance friends on Facetime. The game is somewhat similar to the Wheel-of-Fortune, and you try to fill in a phrase or a word. However, you have limited turns until you lose.

5. Last Letter

Sometimes, speaking with friends who have been away for a long-time can be hard. Thankfully, the Last Letter is a great game to fix the situation. The game will inspire you to think quickly, get creative and share a lot of laughter with your friends. Last Letter is a familiar game amongst all age groups, and it is easy to play.

6. Never have I ever

Fancy an entertaining game to play on Facetime with friends? Then Never Have I Ever is the perfect way to pass the time. You can enjoy the shock-factor of classic Truth or Dare and the icebreaker magic of Two Truth and A Lie. You will

7. Pictionary

How can Pictionary not be on any gaming list? After all, it is one of the most beloved games of all time. It is so simple that literally, anyone can play it. There is a certain aspect of adrenaline pumping as you have a race against time to think quickly and use your drawing skills.

The best part is that you do not have to be a Pablo Picasso to champion this game. Just grab a pen or a colored marker, a piece of paper, and get a drawing.

8. Read my lips

Read My Lips is going to give you knots in the stomach laughing as opponents guess what you are saying. You just have to speak (without making a sound), and the person on the other end of your Facetime call will have to guess what you are saying. It is a great game for all ages and does not require any props or materials.  

9. Trivial Pursuit

If you are a Trivia fan, you will have a lot of fun playing this game on Facetime with your friends. However, one of you must have a board game available. Trivial pursuit is all about each participant’s ability to answer popular culture and general knowledge questions.

10. Truth or Dare

If you wish to play a more intimate and personal game with a bunch of friends, Truth or Dare is the perfect game to play on Facetime. The rules are the same, they will either have to complete a dare that you choose for them, or they will have to share something you do not know about them.

That said, be careful what you dare them to do or ask them to tell because it will eventually be their turn.

11. Two truths and a lie

If you have not known a friend for too long or recently met someone online and wish to get to know them better, then “Two Truth and A Lie” is a tried and tested icebreaker. However, it is equally as fun when playing with your family member or a close friend.

Remember, you do not know everything about everyone in your life, so you will be in for a surprise and learn something new about them. This game can help keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

You’ll love how this game can give you insight into how other person thinks and who they are.

12. Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions is a game that requires players to guess, and almost anyone of any age can play. The best part is that it does not require any material at all. So, if you wish to kill time while making guesses, this is one of the best games to play on Facetime with friends.

13. Totem – A 100% Virtual Game

If you are more into online games and would love to try something that can directly integrate into your Facetime then, Totem virtual game is it.

totem feel good game

You can launch the interface and have access to a feel-good game that you can play on Facetime with friends, family and coworkers.

14. Would you Rather?

If you are looking for a game that is a perfect icebreaker to spark some conversation or laughter, “Would You Rather” Is your best bet. This is a great game to play when you are getting to know someone better.

The game is all about posing fun questions that require a person to pick from one of the two amazing options. However, sometimes, you can have a bit of fun when you make them choose from two of the most terrible options.

15. Yahtzee

If you have been apart from your kids or they miss their friends, Yahtzee is a great way to help them connect. The game is suitable for anyone over the age of 7 with the object to roll certain combinations of numbers using 5 dice. The game is the part strategy part luck, but this is the best game to play on Facetime.


Any of the above-mentioned fifteen games to play on Facetime will help you connect with your friends and family, irrespective of your age group. All you need is your smartphone or iMac and some spare time to spare for fun and laughter, and you are good to play.


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