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Employee Satisfaction Survey Guide

Apr 25, 2022Editorial Team

The secret to maintaining a productive and effective work environment requires employees’ satisfaction. If employees are not happy with the management and team, their performance will decrease. Also, an unsatisfactory work environment reduces the customer retention rate. In this post, you will learn about employee satisfaction surveys and their benefits. If you are looking for an employee satisfaction survey template, you are at the right place.

What is an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

An employee satisfaction survey can improve the environment of the workplace. It is a human resource tool to understand employee satisfaction levels. Managers can boost their employees’ performance by identifying their issues. Using this survey, teams can move in the right direction and achieve business goals.

In other words, the survey helps managers to measure employee satisfaction so they can determine ways to improve it. As a result, you can boost employee’s productivity, reduce long-term HR costs, and lower voluntary turnover.

Experts from successful businesses consider the workplace as a living organism. They state that the pulse of the workplace is employees’ morale, mood, and motivation. Maintaining the pulse can improve the health of the business. An effective technique to improve health is an employee satisfaction survey. With this survey, you can gain, analyze, and measure insights.

Why You Need an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

Here are some reasons to conduct an employee satisfaction survey in the workplace:

1. Generate Unbiased Feedback

An employee satisfaction survey helps managers collect unbiased feedback from employees. You can survey by allowing employees to speak freely. When employees can open up about their problems in the workplace environment, they feel important. Although the feedback from the employees can be hard to swallow, you have to conduct an honest survey. So, keep your ego aside and encourage your employees to share honest reviews.

2. Reduce Turnover

When your employees can share their feedback, they will feel empowered. As a result, they won’t leave your company. If you want to reduce your employee turnover, you have to understand the challenges that your employees face. When you know your employees’ problems, you can come up with effective solutions and that would be the beginning of your company’s success.

3. Increase Anonymity

When you ask your employees how they are feeling working with the company, they may have a positive response. But, you know that they may not necessarily be honest. If you want to improve your business, you need honest feedback from your employees. Instead of asking for employees’ feedback face-to-face, you should conduct an employee satisfaction survey.

With an employee satisfaction survey, you can collect constructive feedback from your employees while keeping their identities anonymous. It is a format to gather data from your employees and generate insightful feedback. Employees don’t like confrontation because they don’t want to lose their job. But, they won’t hesitate to share honest feedback when their identity is hidden.

4. Collect Actionable Feedback

An employee satisfaction survey helps you generate constructive feedback from employees. You can generate insights from their complaints and concerns and create a satisfactory environment. The feedback can be of different types depending on your goal. For instance, if you want to find out about workplace safety, you have to conduct a workplace safety and concerns survey.

5. Improve Employee Productivity

The survey will also help you to create a productive environment in the workplace. You can direct your employees in the right direction and achieve your business's long-term goals. Without a proper survey, you can’t determine the reasons why your company is lacking behind.

6. Retain Employees

Identify the employee retention level with the help of an employee satisfaction survey. By improving employee retention you can promote a successful and healthy organization. Also, you can change negative feedback into positive by improving organizational methods.

7. Understand Training Needs

You can conduct an employee satisfaction survey to understand the need for training. For that, you have to conduct a special employee satisfaction training survey. With this survey, you can understand what your team is lacking. Once you find the strengths and weaknesses of your team, you can conduct training sessions. That way, you can improve your employees’ performance and generate positive results.

Top Questions for Employee Survey Questions

Here are some questions you can include in your employee survey questions:

Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance increase productivity, reduce stress and improve employees’ well-being and mental health. Here are some questions to include in this section:

  1. Is the work environment disrupting your work/life balance?
  2. Do you think your manager supports you to maintain work/life balance?
  3. Is your job too hectic?
  4. Do you feel stressed in your workplace?


Self-evaluation can help employees build confidence, feel more engaged, and improve their abilities. As a result, employees can focus on their personal as well as organizational growth. Here are some questions:

  1. Do you get opportunities to learn new skills?
  2. Does your manager help you upgrade your skills?
  3. Do you see yourself in a better position in the future?
  4. Do managers ask your suggestion before taking leadership decisions?
  5. Do you notice a positive change in your life because of your job?
  6. Do you think your managers consider you a valuable asset to the team?
  7. Do you have to push yourself hard to achieve daily tasks?
  8. Do you receive proper training to help customers?
  9. Does your manager respect your family time?

Bias-Free Work Environment

A work environment free from discrimination, unfair treatment, and harassment can improve employee satisfaction. Here are some questions to identify a bias-free work environment:

  1. Does your manager equally treat the staff?
  2. Do you think that management creates policies to increase challenges for employees?
  3. Do your managers create fair policies to support employees in career goals?

Feedback from Supervisor

When employees receive positive feedback from their managers, they feel motivated and confident. Here are some questions to include in this section:

  1. Do you receive appreciation from your manager?
  2. Does your manager share constructive feedback to improve your performance?


According to various studies teamwork culture directly influence job satisfaction. If employees are not happy with other team members, they might not perform well. Here are a few questions to improve your employee satisfaction:

  1. Do you feel proud of working in your team?
  2. Do your team members support your performance?
  3. Does your team inspire you to perform well in the job?


Managers can find the team’s strengths and weaknesses by conducting an employee satisfaction survey. That way, they can generate data and create insights. With these insights, managers can improve employees’ satisfaction to adjust organizational strategies. If your employees are happy, they can contribute to organizational success. Therefore, managers need to conduct employee satisfaction surveys.

If you want to conduct a survey, you can find different types of templates. You can choose an employee satisfaction survey template according to your goals, strategies, and reasons. For instance, you can download a 360 employee satisfaction survey to get a bigger picture of your employees’ satisfaction level. Also, you can conduct specific surveys such as exit surveys. With the help of the exit employee satisfaction survey, you can understand certain factors that influence employees to leave the company.

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