The Health and Social Benefits of Playing Card Games

The Health and Social Benefits of Playing Card Games

Jul 18, 2019Editorial Team

In the smartphone era, it’s truly never been easier to keep the kids busy with a little extra screen time. Although an iPad, iPhone, or whichever other gadget you keep on hand works wonders for calming a tantrum or even for keeping the kids quiet for as long as you’d like – too much screen time is a huge no-no. Though it’s undeniable that the vast scope of information made accessible through technology does have the potential to provide unlimited learning opportunities to children… there’s a much healthier way to go about this.

Besides limiting screen time, introducing popular card games into your household is one of the best things you can do to support your child’s development. But we know what you’re thinking – will a card game be well-received at home? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that the regular old’ card game that was our main source of entertainment prior to the smartphone era has also come a long way. The most popular card games aren’t just fun, but they also provide kids and adults with a ton of health and social benefits!

Why you should invest in card games for your household

Keeping a collection of popular card games tucked away in your home is one of the best things you can do for your entire family. Instead of thinking of it as a splurge, you’re really just investing in a tool that has the potential to strengthen relationships between family members, along with a long list of social and health benefits for each individual member.

According to The Wall Street Journal, playing card games with your children can support their development by teaching them strategic thinking, improving their memory skills, building confidence, and strengthening family ties.

How to introduce popular card games into your home?

Take things back to a much simpler time, when everyone wasn’t holding some variation of a computer screen in front of their face 24/7. A great way to get your family accustomed to playing card games at home is to pencil in a couple game nights into the calendar. Or just keep them around so you can bring them out whenever you feel like your family could use a quick bonding session!

We all get busy. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we could see our family members every single day but this doesn’t necessarily translate into spending quality time together. Create a habit out of getting everyone to ditch the technology to spend a couple hours every now and then playing card games together.

The best part about playing card games with your family? These are the precious moments that will become long-lasting memories for your children when they grow up.

You must take several factors into consideration before investing in a card game for your home. A big question you must ask yourself before going forward with your purchasing decision is: What can this particular game bring into my household?

Another important thing you must consider is the age group of the players in your household. Because the last thing you want is to bring home a couple card games that the kids think are lame. You want to choose a card game that actually gets them excited. Otherwise, they’re not going to be engaged with the game and it becomes a waste of money.

For instance, a card game like Totem has high entertainment value for both kids and adults. Regardless of your age, there’s one thing we all have in common – we like to hear other people say good things about us!

What Totem can bring to your home

A game like Totem effectively breaks down the barriers in communication that can manifest in the relationships we share with other family members.

Got something nice that you always wanted to say to someone in your family? Say it with Totem! This card game encourages communication by getting players to take turns reflecting on one another’s strengths, as well as letting them know what you love most about them.

Totem gets players of all ages comfortable with the idea of having an open and honest conversation with others, which is a very important quality when it comes to forming healthy relationships in real life. Family members also get the chance to connect with one another on a deeper level over a shared positive experience. Hearing directly from each family member what they love most about you can help all members of the household feel valued and appreciated.

Health and social benefits of playing card games at home

Playing card games is one of the easiest ways to train your brain. According to research, there’s a connection between playing card games and a higher brain volume in specific regions of the brain. Getting your kids to ditch the gadgets for a quick game session can help them improve their memory, enhance their concentration, and provide them with a healthy dose of social interaction!

Totem Activities for Family and Friends

Card games warrant a healthy form of social interaction which really can’t be replicated by other educational games that they can play either on their own or online. Children are exposed to face-to-face interactions while playing card games with other players, which holds immeasurable value when it comes to enhancing their social skills.

With a game like Totem, everyone walks away with a smile on their face. This fun card game improves self-esteem and boosts confidence in both kids and adults. 

Make playing card games at home a new family tradition! 

It’s never a bad idea to keep a stash of popular card games at home, since we can all benefit from spending more quality time with our family members. Aside from high entertainment value, the most popular card games are designed to train our brains while providing us with an opportunity to socialize with other players. Make it a habit to schedule regular game nights at home or just bring out a card game when you feel like bonding with your kids! 

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