The 5 Best Team-building Activities for the Workplace

The 5 Best Team Building Activities for the Workplace

Jul 18, 2019Editorial Team

To increase productivity in the workplace, a growing business must acknowledge the impact of fostering a work environment that encourages collaboration and communication among team members. Ultimately, a successful team building activity can increase social cohesion within company culture, which has the potential to boost engagement from all employees.

Why team building games are important for a growing business

As we break away from the traditional competitive work environment, team building games are more important than ever. Businesses are starting to realize that the key to success is investing in the people. By shifting their focus over to how they can build trust and encourage communication between team members, businesses can benefit from heightened engagement and improved productivity.

Every single member within an organization plays a key role in its collective success. A thriving business can only be as strong as their bottom line permits. Hosting a successful team building activity can improve communication, build trust, and spark motivation in individuals, which in turn, increases that bottom line for an organization.

Want to organize a team-building activity that actually gets your employees excited? Here are 5 effective team building games that you need to try out ASAP. 

1. Scavenger hunt

How to play

You’re probably already familiar with how a scavenger hunt works but here’s a quick refresher for organizing a scavenger hunt as a successful team building activity.

Divide participants into two or more teams. Then assign all the teams with the same list of fun, wacky tasks. The first team to complete every single task on the list by the deadline wins. To get your employees pumped about this team building activity, offer a sweet prize to the winning team!

What can this team building activity bring to the workplace?

A healthy dose of friendly competition is a great way to drive momentum! A scavenger hunt (a challenging one) gives team members a chance to learn how to communicate more effectively with one another. Team members can also build trust and bond over completing the tasks together. 

2. Two truths and a lie

How to play

Get everyone together in a big circle. In turns, everyone gives an introduction along with three interesting facts about themselves. As the name of the game suggests, two are true and one is a lie. The other players will have to put their brains to work to determine which statement is the lie!

What can this team building activity bring to the workplace?

This is a very simple team building activity to organize and it’s a highly effective way to help everyone get to know their team members better. For more reserved or shy team members, this is a great way to get them to open up because every single person gets the same amount of time in the spotlight! 

3. Totem

How to play

In turns, players construct a totem for one another out of an animal card and a quality card. Players then explain why they chose whichever cards they did for the other players. As they reflect on one another’s best qualities and strengths, team members get to bond over this shared positive experience. 

What can this team building activity bring to the workplace?

With Totem, every player walks away as a winner. This card game effectively breaks down the barriers in communication that can manifest in the workplace. People get a chance to connect with one another on a deeper level and they can bond over a shared positive experience.

This is a great way to increase social cohesion in the workplace, because every single member of the team gets to hear from others directly what they like about them the most.

Besides getting the chance to bond over this unique experience, a game of Totem can work wonders for boosting confidence and self-esteem, which can make individuals feel valued and appreciated in the workplace. This in turn will also increase motivation and drive productivity.   

4. Winner/loser 

How to play

Split everyone up into pairs (don’t let them choose). Each player takes turns to reveal a past negative experience (personal or work-related). After listening to their partner’s recollection of events, the listener then discusses the entire experience over again with their partner, but only focusing on the positive.

What can this team building activity bring to the workplace? 

This team-building activity is a fantastic way to get team members to connect with one another on a deeper level. By working together to explore a negative situation and reshaping it into a positive one, both people are exposed to a fresh, new perspective – which is never a bad idea. It can also help sharpen their problem-solving skills.

5.  Board game tournament

How to play

This is probably the easiest team building activity to organize. All you have to do is pick up a couple board games to stash around the office. But make sure you choose games that won’t take up too much time, because well… there’s still work to be done. 

The best way to organize a board game tournament during a regular workday? Set up a couple games in a specific spot of the office and get people to sign up for specific playing times whenever they want to take a “break.”

What can this team building activity bring to the workplace? 

This is one of the easiest ways to enhance workflow without having to go out of your way to organize a team-building activity that will actually take everyone away from the office.

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