Thank You

LEAD #1: Words of Appreciation


If You Enjoyed Discovering Your Totem… 

Then Get Ready To Get Mushy and Possibly Shed a Tear When Your Family Opens-Up and Shares What They All Truly Appreciate and Admire About Each Other 

“She picked caribou for me, her mom...she thought it was a deer. But said, 'I picked this animal because you're gentle but at times can be fierce,’ To hear your child verbalize how she sees you in a positive & safe way is  priceless!! I was almost in tears!!  Great conversation starter & great way to connect family!” - Rayla


As you know, it’s so easy to share our frustrations with others…

In our day and age we’re very quick to complain, and fairly slow when it comes to sharing praise and gratitude for others.

  • It’s why for every positive review you read online, there at least 2 negative comments (if not more)…
  • It’s why many people feel under appreciated at work by their boss and coworkers...

And worst of all…

  • Our quickness to complain creates tension and disconnects us from those we care most about: our very own family members.
  • It’s been proven that we complain 2-3 times more than we actually share positive feelings and comments with one another.

    And for every complaint we receive, we NEED at minimum ONE positive statement to feel safe around that person.

    No wonder many of us isolate ourselves from even our family members!

    Now if you’ve ever wondered WHY you feel disconnected from your partner or your kids...

    … one reason could very well be that nearly EVERYONE is simply lacking some thoughtful words of appreciation from one another to STRENGTHEN each other’s bonds.

    Including you!

    Imagine if everyday at the dinner table everyone shared something positive about one another?

    I think that would change the world!

    How would you feel if your kids got in the habit of saying things like: “Mom I’m so greatful for dinner tonight! I can always rely on you and that makes me feel safe”

    However we’ve been trained to think that sharing feelings and gratitude is cheesy.

    And it’s precisely these thoughtful words of appreciation which deepens bonds between families, friends and communities.

    I saw how there was a major need amongst friends, families and all communities to be thinking and sharing more positive qualities about each other (instead of sharing negative comments)...

    So after years of testing I created a card game that gets people engaged in a creative way to share the wonderful qualities we all think about each other (but rarely ever share!)…  

    Introducing: Totem: The Feel Good Game
    … Which Brings Families and Friends Closer Together
    (And Gets Even the Moodiest Teens To Open Up)

    “It was eye opening for everyone to see
    how they were viewed by others…
    and even made a few people tear up from
    the kind words they were told.
    For the rest of the week, we referred to each other
    by our “totem” names.”
    - Amazon Review (user: “I want good coffee”)

    Totem… The Feel Good Game:

    • Creates a FUN, simple, thought provoking and engaging game to share the positive traits you and your family see in each other. This helps build each other’s self esteem, brings us closer together and strengthens our emotional bonds with those we play with. (By the end of the game you’ll all be calling each other by your totem names!)
    • Dissolves conflict and tension between family members, coworkers and communities. Because we’re all so used to complaining and venting… many of us are deprived of positive affirmations… so we start to isolate ourselves from others since we’re unconsciously expecting negativity. Playing Totem helps rebuild those positive bonds.
    • Develops your lense to see and share those wonderful qualities that you appreciate about those closest to you. This is great for children to learn at young age (it gets them in the habit)... and it’s never too late for adults to start thinking more positively, either! In fact, the adults are those who will benefit most, since they’ll be setting great examples for the kids to follow.
    • Builds each other’s self esteem in just 30-60 minutes. You probably know what you’re BAD at, because people around you probably point it out, a lot. However when you and your family start hearing from OTHERS, what they think you’re GREAT at… you’re all going to feel a whole new sense of empowerment and self-esteem. (It is SO beautiful to see your kids realize what they’re good at, and to hear it from others). 

    “After the 100th fight had broken out I was beginning to think the vacation was doomed.
    Then my son pulled Totem out of my bag. We all decided to sit down and play a round before setting off for the day.
    It was a the perfect call. 

    Having to think about one another's strengths and hearing others' views of yours is such a gift, and such a great way to bring the family together.
    Plus, the game provided us with fun nicknames to use for the rest of our vacation. Thanks Totem! Love, Faithful Owl, Courageous Ram, Comforting Tiger and Charismatic Rabbit “
    - Erin O. Bray

    How Do You Play?

    The game is great for both adults and children (ages 8+). 

    Totem is played by selecting a series of animal cards and quality cards and then explaining WHY you picked those cards for that person; in order to build each person’s “Totem”. 

    … and it is SURE to get everybody’s creative juices flowing, without ever getting cheesy. 

    With 80 animal cards, and 80 quality cards, you’re guaranteed to NEVER run out of possibilities… which means you can play this game with your friends, family and coworkers and ALWAYS come up with new scenarios.

    Get ready to laugh, cry and get closer than ever with your favorite humans.

    Playing Totem Is Like FREE Family Therapy
    (Except The Only Tears Shed are Tears Of Happiness)

    “This is fantastic and confidence boosting for kids. We built a "totem" for our kids and they built one for us. This should be in every family's house - it teaches the right values to communicate positively with others who listening to the strengths others see in them. A+” - A. D. Perlman

    When You Order Totem You’re Backed By My 100% Money-Back Guarantee…

    Which means that if you’re not completely BLOWN-AWAY after playing Totem with your family or friends…

    TRY IT RISK FREE… and after playing, if you think it’s too cheesy, that your kids don’t like playing it, or that your friends might think you’re a dork

    Then simply let me know. And I will give you a full-refund, no questions asked.

    “I worried this game might be too cheesy, but it's not. The pictures are really lovely- the descriptions easy to understand. 

    I was blown away by the attentiveness of the kids and adults I've played this with. It has enough structure that the game is clear while allowing for a lot of creativity for people to share with one another.

    And it's not all serious... we've had tons of laughs playing it as people see things in one another we don't see in ourselves- enlightening any humorous! Fun to replay even with the same group.”

    -Signed either a Fair Goat or a Witty HedgeHog :)

    This Holiday Season… 
    Bring Your Family Closer Than Ever And
    Get 20% OFF When Your Order Totem Today

    “Yes! I Want To Play Totem!
    Give Me 20% OFF And FREE Shipping”

    Your new friend,

    Jade Tremblay
    CEO, Creator and Founder of Totem

    PS. Here’s what other folks have had to say about Totem:

    Anne McCarty says:

    “Time well spent.

    It's so easy to become detached and indifferent, particularly in this fast-paced world where human interaction often involves a "device." 

    This is a non-intrusive, fun way to create positive energy. 

    My husband, son and I had a tense evening after day's grueling schedule feeding the capitalist machine. Instead of allowing things to spiral out of control, we decided to try this game.

    Took only a few minutes to play. At the end of the game everyone was smiling.”

    Mamafox says:
    “Excellent feel good game!

    Two rounds of this game changed a reluctant, surly teen's mood around in no time, getting her talking about her favorite subject: her! 

    At the same time, she was called upon and able to engage in some positive communication with her younger brother and her mom, a win win for all of us. 

    I wish the game didn't have a "points" system for who knows someone better- this should not be a competition. You do need to know the other players somewhat- would not work with strangers.”

    “Yes! I Want To Play Totem!
    Give Me 20% OFF And FREE Shipping”