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Coach, managers and facilitators, you can now use the most powerful recognition tool that deeply connect team members.

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Virtual Team Building / 1 Self-Serve credit
Virtual Team Building / 1 Self-Serve credit

Virtual Team Building / 1 Self-Serve credit


Our self-service virtual team building activity can be played on Totem’s interactive game platform. Each credit gives you access to an activity lasting between 1h and 2h30 for 3 to 8 participants.
* If you are a larger team, simply purchase multiple credits.


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Really unites teams and highlights individual strengths 

Perfect for coaches, managers and facilitators

1-on-1 onboarding and unlimited free demo

Play In-person or Remotely on mobile, tablet and desktop

A powerful experience

Discover the strengths that others see in you. A rewarding team building activity which will have a lasting impact on everyone. #Includes FREE personalised gifts.


Easy to organize

You get access to: step by step videos tutorial, 1-on-1 onboarding and unlimited free demo games. 


Highly adaptable

This recognition activity can be integrated into strategic planning, agile retrospective, team building, group coaching, workshop, celebration, etc.

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Powerful strengths recognition

  • HIGHLIGHT everyone's strengths
  • FUN, EASY and really UNITE a team
  • POSITIVE moment guaranteed
  • Key activity steps:
  • 1- Choose Totem cards (Animal/Quality) for other participants
  • 2- Discover the received cards and create your Totem
  • 3- Reveal your Totem and discover why others choose those cards for you

Personalised gifts

Desktop background / FREE (view example)

Zoom-Teams background / FREE (view example)

Email signature / FREE (view example)

Personalised Mugs / $$$ (view example)


It was very positive and an excellent opportunity to share thoughts with others!
Self-assured Bee
Thank you, truly a ‘feel good’ exercise. Dynamic and effective.
Extroverted Firefly
I loved it, I rushed out to buy my own copy of the game after the session for playing with my family, thank you.
Authentic Caribou
A wonderful experience, it was great to focus on the positive - especially at a time like this…
Ethical Panther
I appreciated that I was told about the first impression that I have for certain and the kind words of colleagues who know me are heartwarming :)
Pure Elephant
Very interesting and fun and greater to share feedback than to receive it.
Persuasive Kangaroo
Great moment that allows you to stop and recognize personal strengths. A beautiful teambuilding.
Sociable Salmon
I lived a moment of love with my team, I was able to experience my positive feelings towards them and I hope that it will have a lot of positive impact on them like that on me.
Open-minded Chimpanzee
Prepare my first Event
Participant's flow

Easy to use and packed with value

We know what it is to propose an activity and be the one in front of the group. You need to deliver a "close to perfection" experience. We have put everything into place so you are fully ready to deliver tremendous value right on your first Totem activity.

  • Easy for everyone because participants are mostly autonomous 
  • Step by step video tutorials to prepare your first Totem activity
  • Unlimited free demos to explore the platform
  • 1-on-1 onboarding to answer ANY of your questions
  • Access to post event reports
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  • Participant's testimonials (view example)
  • Discover and share the incredible positive impact that the activity had on the participants.
  • Participants - Discover all cards received (view example)
  • Manager - The Totem of all participants  (view example)

They’ve experienced Totem


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