Celebration Totem

Mark a special event in a memorable way.

A fun way to replace the party card!

Create a strong dose of love for an important person in order to
share your appreciation as a group.

Why use Celebration Totem

A good habit to introduce into your business

Highlight an individual’s strengths

Emphasizes the importance of a person

Create positive memories

Contribute to a sense of belonging

Progress of the activity

In 5 steps

Creation your event

Choose the type of event

Invite team members to participate

Each participant builds their Totem gift

The recipient receives all the chosen Totems as well as the star Totem for the special event.

Offer a present with simplicity and authenticity

A habit that feels good





Benefit from the support of our professionals
for setting up your Totem activities.

Turnkey support service


Persistent Ladybug

« Very positive!!! Lots of fun and a great uplift!!! »

Jovial Owl

« I felt warm!! WOW, it's amazing to receive so much positivity from peers. It's very moving. »

Insightful Monkey

« Open, truthful, and encouraging exchanges, full of vulnerability. »

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