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10 Most Popular Hosted Virtual Team Building Games Based on Group Size

Jul 12, 2021Editorial Team

Virtual engagement among workers is becoming more popular and necessary now more than ever before. When colleagues meet virtually, it is majorly for business purposes. However, sometimes long business meetings may be boring and may reduce performance and efficiency.

During a virtual team-building event for your remote employees, it is essential to include activities that will facilitate personal interaction among team members. This will raise staff morale, encourage teamwork, and result in higher productivity. All types of virtual team-building games can be designed for small, medium, and large groups. This article takes a look at the ten most popular virtual team-building games based on different group sizes.

1. Virtual Clue Murder Mystery

Neil Davidson has been murdered. Let your team take a 90-minute break from the business meeting and collaborate to solve the mystery behind the murder. Virtual Clue Murder Mystery is a virtual team-building game developed by Outback Team Building and Training. Four to 1000 players can play it, and participants can join from anywhere in the world. The team-building activity involved will help increase the bond between your team members, advance their reasoning and problem-solving ability, create fun, and boost their morale.

How to Play

First, contact the developer, and your team will be assigned a facilitator who will give you the needed login details. Then divide your team into groups and ask each member to download the application and join online using the login information on the outback platform and their video conferencing platform. Then let each group compete against other groups to solve the mystery using clues provided in the game.

  • Duration: 1 – 2 hours
  • Ideal Group Size: 80
  • Team size: 2 – 6


You can put the guessing ability of your team member into a test while you build a bond between them with This pictorial game involves putting your members in a private room and letting them take turns to draw words while others make guesses. This virtual game is available for free and in multiple languages. It will create a virtual happy hour, and participants can join from any location. 2 to 12 players can play it.

How to Play

Visit and create a private room. You can load your preferred words or go with the words available in the game. Then send the link through your virtual escape room to other team members. In each game round, a participant will be required to draw their chosen word while others will guess what the word is. The earlier you guess right, the more point you have.

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Team size: 2 - 12 

3. Trivia Games

Trivial Games can be played on Team or Slack. It consists of various trivia and pictorial quizzes that your team members can participate in. There is no particular duration for the activities as it depends on what you demand.

How to Play

Add Trivial application to your Team or Slack platform. Then select the quiz you want and create a leaderboard. Finally, invite other team members to participate.

  • Duration: Not specific
  • Team size: Individual

4. Origami Shape Game

This game can be used to improve communication and collaboration among team members. It is available for free on  and can be played by a team with as many as 200 members.

How to Play

Visit the website and get the origami instruction. Then pair up your team members and give the instruction to one member of each of the pairs. Let the member with the instruction close his eyes and communicate the instruction to his partner. The partner is to use the information to form the origami shape. Then review their shapes.

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Team size: up to 200 

5. Can You Hear Me Now?

‘Can you hear me now?’ involves a speaker and other team members. In this game, the speaker is expected to describe a figure to the rest of the team using geometry, while other members are to draw the figure in the best way they understand the description. The game can help improve communication skills, create fun, and take away boredom.

How to Play

Invite your team member to a conference room and then choose one of them as the speaker. Let the speaker use a random image generator to generate different images and use geometry to describe every part of the image. Others are expected to draw the picture explained.

  • Duration: 1 to 2 hours
  • Team size: 4- 30

6. Virtual Ancient Egypt Murder Mystery

Developed by HireSpace, Virtual Ancient Egypt Murder Mystery is an investigative game that can be played by a team of up to 300 members. You can divide your members into smaller groups to solve murder cases while following different leads with the assistance of a facilitator.

How to play

Choose your package, and you will be given a facilitator. Then download the application and invite your team members to download it as well. Divide your team into groups and let each group work together to solve the mystery behind a murder case set in ancient Egypt.

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Team Size: Up to 300

7. Curse of the Pharaoh

The game starts with the celebration of the discovery of the tomb of pharaoh. Unfortunately, someone got killed. Now, it is the responsibility of your team members to determine whether it was a murder or an accident. They are also to find out the killer and the motive. A team of 6 to 19 can play the game.

How to Play

Contact Freeform games to purchase this game. Follow the instruction and invite your team members to play.

  • Duration: 1 -2 hours
  • Team Size: 6 -19

8. Scavenger Hunt

You can organize a scavenger hunt for your team members over zoom. All you have to do is to invite them to a zoom meeting and choose one among them as the host. There is no limit to the number of players or duration, but you must keep it within a reasonable range. Team members must be located at home to participate in this game.

How to Play

Invite members of your team to a zoom meeting and choose a host. The host will decide the duration required for each hunt as he calls out a household object, and all members go in search of the object. The first member to bring the object to the meeting scores 3 points, the second scores 2 points, and other members that are able to get it within the stipulated time earn one point each.

  • Duration: No specific time
  • Team size: No particular number

9. Green Impulse

Green Impulse is a clue-solving game from UrbanGaming. A host provides the clue, and your team members are to collaborate to solve the puzzle. The game can be played over zoom meeting.

How to Play

Contact UrbanGaming to set up the game. Then invite your team members to play over zoom. Divide your team into a smaller group of five to make it more interesting. You can create a leaderboard for monitoring team progress.

  • Duration: 1 – 2 hours
  • Team Size: No limit

10. Totem Feel Good Team Building Activity

Get your team motivated with the feel good team-building activity from Totem. This activity aims to encourage collaboration among team members, increase performance and confidence.

The activity is available in English and French languages. Participants can come from anywhere on the planet. It is ideal for all group sizes across all industries and has been played by small to billion-dollar organizations all over the world.

Totem team building activities make it easy to build team spirit, guaranteeing increased productivity.

How to Play


  • Duration: 2 - 3 hours
  • Team size: 8 people or more 

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